Welcome to an exciting selection of flavors you can produce at home.  From some of the most successful wine kit companies in the world, we have a selection that will tantilize your taste buds.  As you review the many choices, other than dessert wines and ports, all kits produce 30 bottles of wine.  So divide your cost by 30 to determine your cost per bottle!  Wine kits are discounted; this discounted price cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

We also have grape concentrates from California, giving you the opportunity to use grapes that can only be grown in select areas of the country.  From Merlot to Cabernet Sauvignon and Muscat, you can produce wines direct from the grapes that most can only get at a liquor store.

Grape concentrates are available in two sizes, 96 ounce and 46 ounce.  While the 96 ounce will produce five gallons you can use two of the 46 ounce cans to do the same, but you can mix and match grapes to blend the flavors.  Or you can mix a can of grape concentrate with fruit puree to create new flavors.

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    We are always looking to improve the products we have for our customers.  If there is a product we do not have, we can order it and can keep it in stock if it is something you use regularly.