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Distilling is the fastest growing hobby in the nation.  But, while the hobby is illegal under US federal law, this hobby has been legalized in several states including Missouri.  Other states, such as Kansas have not legalized the unlicensed distilling of alcohol for personal use. In many countries around the world, where it is legal, companies have been developing quality products to make the process faster and more controlled.  The T500 is an electric 5 gallon system manufactured in New Zealand. 

It has interchangeable tops so you can choose to use a copper "pot" top or the reflux still top. The reflux top is now available in copper in addition to the stainless steel.  Most home distillers use a "sugar wash" to produce alcohol, distill the alcohol, cut the strength of the alcohol, then add a flavoring of their choice. The sugar wash uses dextrose, a highly refined corn sugar, to produce the alcohol.  The process uses liquid carbon as a pre-clarifier, a yeast of your choice, a post-clarifier, and a carbon filter to finish the purifying process.

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 Regardless of the type of still you choose, you can be assured you will be receiving quality equipment by a company that has been producing these products for many years.