Sulfite Test Kit
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The Ripper Method (Sulfite in Wine)

References: ASTM D 1339-84, Sulfite Ion in Water, Test Method C. APHA Standard Methods, 22nd ed., Method 4500-SO32– B -2000. USEPA Methods for Chemical Analysis of Water and Wastes, Method 377.1 (1983).


CHEMetrics’ sulfite test kit is based on the Ripper method, which the wine industry has used for years as a standard for rapid sulfite analysis. Sulfite is titrated with an iodide-iodate solution, using a starch end point indicator. Phosphoric acid is used to adjust the pH of the sample.

Results are quantified using direct-reading titration cells. The test determines free sulfite as ppm (mg/L) SO2.Results for this test kit are acceptable for white wines (although they can have an error of up to 10 ppm). This test kit is not recommended for use with red wines or white wines containing ascorbic acid or tannin. These wines often give false high test results.

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Sulfite Test for Wine

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