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Everyone needs to have the ability to strain solids out of their liquids prior to fermentation.  Whether it is grains or fruit, these solids add off-flavors that reduce the quality of the finished product.  If a straining bag can help in your process, there are many sizes available. 

Straining bags come in a variety of sizes to handle special needs for the wine-maker or brewer.  The key to the bag is the material it is made from and the tightness or loosness of the weave.  The natural materials like cotton, cheese cloth, burlap and such work well but usually can be used only once.  Man-made materials like nylon are much stronger and can be used again and again.  The weave is also important since the larger the weave, the more solids it will allow to pass through.  For heavy materials such as grapes or grains, use a course weave so you can get your liquid extracted quickly.  After fermentation, you can use a fine weave straining bag to filter out the smaller particles that the previous bag allowed through.

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If you don't see the size or weave that you need in a straining bag, let us know and we will see if we can stock it for you.