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Cornelius and Firestone kegs were used by the soda industry for many years and hundreds of thousands of these kegs were produced.  The two standard connector systems include ball-lock and pin-lock.  Both systems work well to connect your CO2 to the keg and your keg to the tap.  Once manufactured, these kegs have an extremely long life.  Thus used kegs are the mainstream standard for kegging.  However, be careful as many of the kegs were poorly handled and have dents that create stress on joints and allow pressure to leak.  We recommend you inspect your keg closely prior to purchase to make sure it will provide you with years of service.  Foreign companies are now manufacturing kegs with a different blend of metals, reducing the quality of the stainless steel.  We recommend if you purchase new kegs, that you purchase the Italian manufactured kegs that have been the quality standard for generations.

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    Remember to maintain the kegs.  Replacement of o-rings is inexpensive and quick to do.  Keep a record of the keg number and date you change out the o-rings so you can remember later which kegs you updated and which still need to be done.