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The magic of brewing really starts with the blending of grains to produce a single color and flavor for your beer. 

Base grains are frequently referred to as 2-row.  However, 2-row barleys come in a wide variety of strains. A standard 2-row is intended to be light in color and taste, and, produce alcohol. They are most used when the color and flavor is to be determined by the specialty grains.  Most other 2-row barleys are referred to as Pale Malt.  The term pale comes from the slightly longer malting time which results in a slightly darker color and more flavor.  The term Pale Ale comes from the use of these pale malts for the standard beer.  The actual color and flavor is determined by the strain of barley used and the malting process of the malting house producing the malt.  Thus, each pale malt has a different character and taste.  And, two malting companies using the identical strain of barley can develop different colors and flavors through their malting process. Often new brewers use a single pale malt from the same malting company over and over until they get the combination of specialty grains they want in the finished product.  Then, they can experiment with different base pale malts to perfect their beer.

Use caution with the specialty grains.  Often, a little goes a long way. 


QUANTITIES: We will be transitioning away from sales by the ounce.  Sales will be restricted to multiples of one pound.

MILLING OF GRAINS: Our milling of grains for customers will be limited to orders where grains can be blended and milled all at one time.  If you need your grains divided in multiple ways and each ground separately, we invite you to use our mill for that need.  We will make our grain mill available so you can mill the grains you purchase here in a way that works best for you.  You may need to bring a bucket and/or bags to transport the grains after milling.

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    You can fine-tune any recipe using the specialty grains.  Make small changes each time you brew a batch until you have just the flavor you want.