Fast Rack Wine and Bomber Bottle Rack
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FastRack is a bottle storage and draining tool that offers improved stability, sanitation, and space management compared to traditional, tree-shaped bottle drainers. Each rack has 12 holes, sized to fit almost any bottle. Loading upside down bottles into the holes is quick and easy. Nothing ever touches the interior of the bottle, which reduces the risk of contamination after sanitizing. FastRacks stack on top of each other, so you can fit a lot of bottles in a small space. And the stacks can be safely moved without unloading any bottles. FastRacks are dishwasher safe, and made in the USA. Drip trays for the FastRacks are sold separately or in combination with two racks. The most popular arrangement is a combination of two racks to each tray.




Options for Purchase: 

Rack Only - $ 8.99 ea.




Tray Only - $ 6.49 ea.




Discount or Refund of $4.00 for the purchase of any combination of racks and trays that includes at least two racks and one tray.

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Fast Rack - Wine and Bomber Bottle RACK ONLY

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