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Equipment items tend to be one-time costs.  If you are excited about the hobby, don't be afraid to get quality items so you aren't frustrated and disappointed because the equipment just doesn't let you do what you need.  Most equipment items are low cost, but when spread over the many batches of wine you can produce, the costs are insignificant.  We can help you out with suggestions and recommendations.  The old adage of looking before you leap is a good one in the sense that you don't want to acquire large stainless steel products until you are ready to decide on opening a commercial winery.  You can produce great wine using plastic and glass without investing lots of cash.

Please Note:  We don't ship glass items.  Common carriers do not guarentee glass against breakage.

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     We have access to professional wine making equipment, but don't stock it as few of our customers plan to make wine professionally.  Let us know if you are interested and we can provide information on top of the line equipment.