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The effort you need to make as a homebrewer is finding cleaners that can remove food items easily and quickly without a lot of scrubbing and scraping.  You use this equipment over and over and once you have that investment out there, you don't want to damage glass, plastic or metal surfaces just trying to get them clean. 

The same is true of your sanitation.  Most sanitizers are acid based and kill germs and bacteria on contact.  Remember, that sanitizers only work on clean surfaces, so don't expect to put sanitizer on a dirty surface and think you have killed the bacteria.  Acids can sanitize, but also destroy surfaces.  You need to be cautious with what surfaces you put the acid on and how long you leave it there.  If you are putting your equipment away until the next time you brew and are putting the sanitizer through a surface that won't dry, like the inside of a plastic hose, consider rinsing the acid out after you have it thoroughly cleaned so it won't continue to work on the plastic while it is in storage.

Also, be cautious of your mix.  A no-rinse sanitizer is only a no-rinse if you use it in concert with the directions.  If you exceed the quantity per gallon, you will need to rinse the excess off before using the surface to avoid the sanitizer distributing itself through your beer.  Since the rinse can re-infect areas, it is best just to go with the ratio in the directions.

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Cleaning and sanitizing are just a routine part of brewing.  It is important because the finished product depends upon it being done regularly and well.  The products included here are tried and true items that are used in professional breweries around the world.  We are proud to have them available to you here.