Sacchra 50L Malt
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Caramel Steam Malt: a new malt from GWM that utilizes a unique twist on traditional crystal and high dry production; by merging the two processes--and incorporating a wet saccharification step--GWM has created an innovative new malt for the craft beer marketplace

What makes Sacchra 50 different from a comparable crystal or high dry malt?

With Sacchra 50 in up to 12-15% of your grist build, experience a luscious creamy mouthfeel, red mahogany hue, and a rich earthy malt complexity gentle enough to allow your hops to shine through.

Recommended styles for initial experimentation: Red IPA, Session Hoppy Red, Imperial Vienna Lager, English Bitter, Irish Red, Porter or Barley Wine.

Our Caramel Steam malt is created via an innovative process that develops crystal characteristics and a rich nutty flavor. Caramel Steam can be used as a direct substitution to crystal malts for those desiring crystal-like flavors, but wanting a softer sensory impact.

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Caramel 50L - Sacchra 50 USA (Pound)

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