Belgian Wit
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This quality 5-gallon kit creates a flavorful Belgian beer. Belgian beers have become very popular for their increased body, bold fruit and spice flavors, and a smooth finish. The hops include Hallertau. Spice flavors in this beer include Coriander, Bitter Orange Peel, and Chamomile. The clarifier is Super Irish Moss by Five Star Chemicals. You can select your priming agent and any alcohol enhancement below. 

If you are interested in a higher level of alcohol in your beer, you can increase it in this beer by adding either Dried Malt Extract or Brewers Crystals. The Malt is the more expensive, but it increases the mouthfeel and body as well and is always the preferred option. Brewers Crystals is a blend of sugars that increase alcohol but do not increase the mouthfeel or body of the beer.  Thus, the Brewers Crystals add alcohol while keeping the light body of the original recipe.

Included items: Pilsen, Munich, and White Wheat Malts; Flaked Oats; Flaked Wheat; Bitter Orange Peel; Chamomile; Coriander; Hallertau Hops; Super Irish Moss; Instructions


Intended Results Dependent Upon Equipment and Yeast Used: 

OG: 1.051    FG:  1.014    ABV: 4.9    IBU: 13



YEAST (Go to the Ale and Lager Yeast Category to Select the style you are interested in)

  • Belgian Abbey Ale Yeast
  • Belgian Ale Yeast
  • Belgian Wit Yeast - Recommended
  • Belle Saison
  • Safbrew T-58
  • Belgian Tripel Ale Yeast


Corn Sugar (Dextrose) - 5 oz. packet measured for a five-gallon batch.

Carbonation Drops - Approximately 60 drops; enough for a five gallon batch

None - Select this option if you are force carbonating or already have the priming agent you need.


These bags help secure your grains and hops, reducing the solids that go into the fermentation stage.  Nylon bags are reusable while the muslin bags tend to be a one-use bag.  For the smaller amount of grains in this kit, we recommend the nylon 12" X 19" bag.  For the hops, either selection will work.  If you select the muslin bags, you will get five bags, allowing you to use a separate bag for each hop addition.


Dried Malt Extract (Pilsen) - The addition of 1.0 pound will add approximatelly 1% of alcohol to a five gallon batch.  Malt additions will increase the mouthfeel and body of the beer.

Brewers Crystal - The addition of 1.0 pound will add approximately 1% of alcohol to a five gallon batch, but will not increase the mouthfeel or body of the beer.

None - This beer recipe produces an estimated alcohol (ABV) of 9.7 percent.  Select this option if this is the correct level for you.

BOTTLES AND CAPS (Please go to the Beer Equipment Category to find options on Beer Bottles and Bottle Caps.)



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Belgian - Belgian Wit (ALL GRAIN)

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