Prairie Wheat Beer Kit
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This five-gallon kit provides all the ingredients you need for a great batch of wheat beer.  It includes the grains, hops, clarifier, and instructions.  The grains include 2-Row and white wheat.  The hops include Northern Brewer and Hallertau.  The clarifier is Super Irish Moss by 5 Star.  You can select your yeast, priming agent, and any flavoring below.

YEAST (Select the style you are interested in)

SafBrew WB-06 - Select this yeast if you want a more European style wheat such as a Hefeweizen or Weizenbier

Safale US-05 Ale Yeast - Select this yeast for a traditional American Wheat Ale.

Munich Wheat Beer Ale Yeast - Select this ale yeast for a central European accent to your beer.



Corn Sugar - 5 oz. packet measured for a five-gallon batch.

Carbonation Drops - Approximately 60 drops; enough for a five gallon batch


Dried Malt Extract (Pilsen) - The addition of 1.0 pound will add approximatelly 1% of alcohol to a five gallon batch.  Malt additions will increase the mouthfeel and body of the beer.

Brewers Crystal - The addition of 1.0 pound will add approximately 1% of alcohol to a five gallon batch, but will not increase the mouthfeel or body of the beer.

None - This beer recipe produces an estimated alcohol (ABV) of 5.2 percent.  Select this option if this is the correct level for you.



Several flavorings are available, including Apricot, Blackberry, Cherry, Raspberry and others. Call for current stock.

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Wheat - Prairie Wheat Ale (ALL GRAIN)

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